Managing Networks

Set the default parameters for networks your tenants will create in Network Settings.

You can:

  • Enable Cisco ACI if that is part of your network infrastructure
  • Set VLAN and VXLAN ranges
  • Determine forwarding mode
  • Select the ARP mode

To set the network defaults.

  1. Select Settings > Network Defaults.
  2. Choose your network infrastructure type.
    If you are using Cisco ACI, choose Cisco ACI, otherwise leave your infrastructure type as default.
  3. Enter your desired VLAN range.
  4. Enter your desired VXLAN range.
  5. Select your forwarding mode bridge or routing.
  6. Select your Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Mode, proxy or flood
  7. Click Update Network Settings.


You recieve a confirmation message confirming the update to your global settings.