Contiv Networking

Contiv Networking supports both major networking models:

  • The libnetwork CNM model
  • The CoreOS CNI model

Thus, Contiv Network provides a pluggable networking alternative to built-in Docker and Kubernetes ecosystems.

To learn about container networking basics, including descriptions of both models, read our self-guided hands-on Tutorial.

Learning Resources

The following resources are provided to help you get up to speed on Contiv and container networking:

Supported Modes

Contiv supports the networking modes and schedulers shown in the table below. To learn about and try various combinations, see Getting Started page for how to install in your environment, or in a demo setup.

Fabric Kubernetes Docker Swarm
Layer 2
Layer 3
Overlay (cloud)

Please see support page on how to suggest a feature or enhancement to be addressed by Contiv developers and contributors.