Contiv Features

Contiv Networking supports the following features:

  • A feature-rich policy model to provide secure, predictable application deployment
  • Best-in-class throughput for container workloads
  • Multi-tenancy, isolation, and overlapping subnets
  • Integrated IPAM and service discovery
  • A variety of physical topologies:
    • Layer2 (VLAN)
    • Layer3 (BGP)
    • Overlay (VXLAN)
    • Cisco SDN Solution (ACI)
  • IPv6 Support
  • Scalable policy and route distribution
  • Integration with application blueprints, including:
    • Docker Compose
    • Kubernetes deployment manager
  • Service Load Balancing: built in east-west microservice load balancing
  • Traffic isolation for storage, control (for example, etcd/consul), network, and management traffic

To learn about container networking basics, read our self-guided hands-on Tutorial. The tutorial discusses libnetwork's CNM and CoreOS's CNI model. Contiv supports both networking models, and therefore supports a pluggable networking alternative to built-in Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Nomad ecosystems.