Release Notes for Contiv version 1.0.x

Welcome to the GA release of Contiv 1.0. Contiv offers the most powerful open source container networking available.


This release includes:

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Compatibility Matrix

Contiv can run on a variety of infrastructure, such as on-premise or cloud, and different flavors of Linux as host OS. This version of Contiv has been validated with following configuration options. See support matrix for more details.

Container Platforms

Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Engine + Swarm, Docker UCP

  • Docker UCP 2.1.x/Engine 17.03-ce support with native swarm mode using v2plugin is in experimental stage
  • OpenShift support is in experimental stage

Infrastructure Support

Bare Metal, VMware vCenter (version 6.5+) VMs, AWS VMs

  • vCenter VMs require VM port group to be configured (see the VMWare documentation for more details). For L2 or ACI mode, port group needs to be configured using VLAN trunking to allow Virtual Guest Tagging. For L3 mode, port group can be configured using no VLAN if using External VLAN Tagging or assign a VLAN in the Port Group for Virtual Switch Tagging.
  • Supported networking configuration for AWS VMs is VXLAN mode only

Host OS

RHEL 7.x, CentOS 7.x