We want your Container Networking project to be a success. Contiv is fully open sourced. Here are the channels we use to communicate and contribute:

  • For questions and inquiries, sign up for our Slack channel and you can ask the team questions in real-time. This is the preferred method for obtaining community support.

  • To file a bug or feature request, log an issue in appropriate repo on Github. For more deatils, please see

  • For the latest on Contiv development, follow our blog, or subscribe to contiv-update mailer list.


We welcome community contributions! Please see the for general contribution guidelines. More specific guidelines are specified under file in the respective Contiv repositories. If you are planning on making elaborate or controversial changes, please discuss them via github issues, as outlined in


Contiv is structured as multiple projects, each project consisting of multiple github repositories. Each project has a list of assigned committers - individuals responsible for merging PRs into repos, and arbitrators of dispute. See for more details.

Commercial Support

Interested in commercial support? Reach out to us and we can discuss your options. Full support matrix for each Contiv version is listed here.

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